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Camp Mulberry is a Christian Camp held every summer in Hot Springs, AR. 

We have a Senior Camp in June and a Junior Camp in July. 

Everything we do aligns with our passion to see you connect with Jesus Christ in an authentic way, connect with future life long friends who God will place around you,  be healed of whatever you carry onto the camp grounds, become equipped to live a fulfilling life after camp, continuing what God started in you, and empowering you to use you past, present, and future to reach everyone He puts in your path.  


At Camp Mulberry, we encourage CONNECTION.  Connect or reconnect to Jesus surrounded by people who are in the same place as you.  Connect with each other, building relationships that will provide strength over a lifetime.


If you're hurting, come on.  No matter where you're at when you get here, you are NOT ALONE.  You can receive healing for mind, heart, and soul in an atmosphere of openness through prayer, teaching, and conversation.  We are better together.  We are healed, because of Jesus Christ


We create opportunities to EQUIP you with the knowledge of how to live the life Jesus has for you by connecting deeper to Him and to the community around you.

You will leave with ideas and methods to better handle the seasons and circumstances of life outside of Camp Mulberry.  Ultimately, you will leave with a vision and a passion for living on mission throughout the year and spreading the love and truth that God has called us to share.


It is our passion to EMPOWER you to recognize and use the gifts God has given you.  Through breakout sessions, workshops, group activities and small groups, we will build confidence and awareness of the potential in each one of you to impact your world.  

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