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Two Amazing Camps...
One amazing place.

Register EARLY and receive $10 OFF/camper!

The Next Jr. Camp:

Early Registration Opens 5.15.2024

Early registration for Sr. Camp begins April 15th and ends May 15th. Early registration for Jr. Camp begins May 15th and ends June 15th. In order to receive $10 OFF per camper, the registration must be completed and the fees paid by the deadline.

For Bible Quizzers!

Welcome to Camp Mulberry

Looking for something to do this summer?  Looking for something that will change your life forever?  Make your plans now!


Tucked in the Ouachita Mountains, Camp Mulberry is located in Hot Springs, AR, about an hour southwest from Little Rock.    


Everything we do at Camp Mulberry is designed to bring students in closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


Whether you're into sports like volleyball or basketball or you're more of an artist and prefer painting, there's always something going on at Camp Mulberry.

Get Involved

Camp Mulberry does not function without our volunteers.  Find out more about volunteering for either our Senior or Junior camps.  Start your registration now!

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